Travel in a foreign country presents a host of new challenges in an unfamiliar security environment. Through our partner Riskline.com, a leading global consulting firm in the travel security sector, MySafeTravel App offers access to information normally only accessible to large corporations. Our App has now changed that.



The award-winning alert service provides travellers with 24/7 updates on travel risks in over 220 countries, anytime, anywhere – directly sent to your mobile device. Alerts provide peace of mind with real-time, area-specific incident analysis and travel advisories.



From the app’s countries list you can access country reports which gives you the full security overview of a specific country. Country reports are divided into subjects like crime, health risks and personal safety and they can be accessed through In-App Purchase. A short summary of any country report can be read for free.



Whether travelling to one or several countries you can create a trip in the MySafeTravel app. This ensures that you receive alerts concerning the countries you are going to and that you have access to the country reports.



The vault can store photos of your important documents or items. Vault items are stored locally on your device using strong encryption and cannot be accessed when your device is locked. To keep them safe, make sure you have a Passcode on your device.